Information is the lifeblood of effective justice, public safety, emergency services, disaster management, and homeland security efforts. The integration of justice, public safety, intelligence and other governmental information transcends the day-to-day operational needs and priorities of justice agencies and becomes, particularly in light of the terrorist attacks of September 11, a national and international security imperative. Enterprise-wide information sharing is needed to prepare for, prevent, respond, and recover from terrorist incidents and natural disasters, to provide effective major incident response and management, and to support the day-to-day management and operations of justice and public safety agencies throughout Hawaii, and in federal, state, local and tribal venues throughout nation. The HIJIS Program is designed to build real-time information sharing in justice agencies throughout the State in order to achieve greater efficiency, reduce duplicate data entry, speed the processing and access to justice information, and ensure that information is readily available, and that it is accurate, timely and complete.