Hawaii Integrated Justice Information Sharing


Welcome to HIJIS!

Hawaii is continuing to plan and actively develop pilot projects to build statewide integrated justice information sharing. The HIJIS Program is business driven and is designed to enable automated access and sharing of critical information at key decision points throughout the justice and public safety enterprise among justice agencies and authorized users throughout the State of Hawaii, as well as with other states, the Federal government, and national information sharing initiatives.

The HIJIS website is designed to enable users and decision makers to:

  • Monitor the on-going research, planning, development, and implementation of the HIJIS Program,
  • Identify members of the HIJIS governance bodies,
  • Review copies of presentations, reports, and other materials,
  • Provide input, review and guidance on project reports and planning documents,
  • Assess the performance of the HIJIS Program as it is implemented,
  • Have access to other jurisdictions, national resources, and industry best practices.